While cantilevers may be the most commonly used geometry in this

While cantilevers may be the most commonly used geometry in this field, we show that they are not necessarily the most sensitive in all situations. In most biosensing applications, flexural rigidity is not expected to have an impact on resonant frequency, suggesting that

all available resonator surface area should be used for analyte binding.”
“We present first-principles investigations on the structural, electronic, and polarization properties of Bi2ZnTiO6 using density-functional theory within the generalized gradient approximation. The theoretical structure we obtained confirms the extra large tetragonality observed KOS 1022 by experiment. The materials exhibit a semiconductor behavior with an indirect band gap determined by the occupied O 2p and unoccupied Bi 6p states. There are strong hybridization effects between Bi-O ions, as well as Ti-O and Zn-O ones. The resulting covalent bondings, having a PbTiO3-type two-dimensional character, strengthen each other and favor the coupling between the tetragonal distortion of unit cell and see more the off-center displacement of A and B-site cations and O anions due to the existence of Zn, and result in the large tetragonality of this compound. Berry-phase calculation gives the polarization as high as 122 mu C/cm(2).”
“OBJECTIVE: To examine the properties of mesothelial cells by measuring pleural cancer antigen 125 (CA-125) levels in

different types of benign and malignant pleural effusions.

DESIGN: In this retrospective study, pleural fluid was collected from 326 patients; pleural CA-125 levels were measured using radioimmunoassay. Patients were classified into five groups according to the aetiology of pleural effusions: I) tuberculosis, II) malignant, Ill) find more pyogenic, IV) congestive heart failure, and V) hepatic hydrothorax.

RESULTS: CA-125 levels were significantly higher in the malignant group than in all benign groups. There was no difference in pleural CA-125 levels between transudate and exudate benign aetiologies. Although pleural CA-125 levels were significantly higher in malignant than benign effusions, about one third of malignant pleural effusions had

levels of <600 U/ml. Among malignancies, there were no significant differences in pleural CA-125 levels between histological types.

CONCLUSION: CA-125 levels in benign pleural effusions may not be influenced by pleural inflammation or hydrostatic or oncotic pressure changes. Pleural CA-125 levels may not be influenced by the histological type of tumour in malignant pleural effusions, suggesting that mesothelial cell properties may not be altered by these factors in the pleural space.”
“Pharmaceutical production and distribution constitute big business. For the companies the rewards can be substantial. Rates of return on drug company investments tend to be higher than many other manufacturing enterprises. But reward is only one side of the story. There is also the issue of social risk, the focus of this article.

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