While cantilevers may be the most commonly used geometry in this

While cantilevers may be the most commonly used geometry in this field, we show that they are not necessarily the most sensitive in all situations. In most biosensing applications, flexural rigidity is not expected to have an impact on resonant frequency, suggesting that

all available resonator surface area should be used for analyte binding.”
“We present first-principles investigations on the structural, electronic, and polarization properties of Bi2ZnTiO6 using density-functional theory within the generalized gradient approximation. The theoretical structure we obtained confirms the extra large tetragonality observed KOS 1022 by experiment. The materials exhibit a semiconductor behavior with an indirect band gap determined by the occupied O 2p and unoccupied Bi 6p states. There are strong hybridization effects between Bi-O ions, as well as Ti-O and Zn-O ones. The resulting covalent bondings, having a PbTiO3-type two-dimensional character, strengthen each other and favor the coupling between the tetragonal distortion of unit cell and see more the off-center displacement of A and B-site cations and O anions due to the existence of Zn, and result in the large tetragonality of this compound. Berry-phase calculation gives the polarization as high as 122 mu C/cm(2).”
“OBJECTIVE: To examine the properties of mesothelial cells by measuring pleural cancer antigen 125 (CA-125) levels in

different types of benign and malignant pleural effusions.

DESIGN: In this retrospective study, pleural fluid was collected from 326 patients; pleural CA-125 levels were measured using radioimmunoassay. Patients were classified into five groups according to the aetiology of pleural effusions: I) tuberculosis, II) malignant, Ill) find more pyogenic, IV) congestive heart failure, and V) hepatic hydrothorax.

RESULTS: CA-125 levels were significantly higher in the malignant group than in all benign groups. There was no difference in pleural CA-125 levels between transudate and exudate benign aetiologies. Although pleural CA-125 levels were significantly higher in malignant than benign effusions, about one third of malignant pleural effusions had

levels of <600 U/ml. Among malignancies, there were no significant differences in pleural CA-125 levels between histological types.

CONCLUSION: CA-125 levels in benign pleural effusions may not be influenced by pleural inflammation or hydrostatic or oncotic pressure changes. Pleural CA-125 levels may not be influenced by the histological type of tumour in malignant pleural effusions, suggesting that mesothelial cell properties may not be altered by these factors in the pleural space.”
“Pharmaceutical production and distribution constitute big business. For the companies the rewards can be substantial. Rates of return on drug company investments tend to be higher than many other manufacturing enterprises. But reward is only one side of the story. There is also the issue of social risk, the focus of this article.

5 mg) to loose (L) AS (50 mg) +AQ (153 mg) in 750, P. falciparum-

5 mg) to loose (L) AS (50 mg) +AQ (153 mg) in 750, P. falciparum-infected children from Burkina Faso aged 6 months to 5 years. Dosing was by age. Primary efficacy endpoint

was Day (D) 28, PCR-corrected, parasitological cure rate. Recipients of rescue treatment were counted as failures and new infections as cured. Documented, EVP4593 supplier common toxicity criteria (CTC) graded adverse events (AEs) defined safety.

Results: Recruited and evaluable children numbered 750 (375/arm) and 682 (90.9%), respectively. There were 8 (AS/AQ) and 6 (AS+AQ) early treatment failures and one D7 failure (AS+AQ). Sixteen (AS/AQ) and 12 (AS+AQ) patients had recurrent parasitaemia (PCR new infections 10 and 6, respectively). Fourteen patients per arm required rescue treatment for vomiting/spitting out study drugs. see more Efficacy rates were 92.1% in both arms: AS/AQ = 315/342 (95% CI: 88.7-94.7) vs. AS+AQ = 313/340 (95% CI: 88.6-94.7). Non-inferiority was demonstrated at two-sided alpha = 0.05: Delta(AS+AQ-AS/AQ) = 0.0% (95% CI: -4.1% to 4.0%). D28, Kaplan Meier PCR-corrected cure rates (all randomized children) were similar: 93.7% (AS/AQ) vs. 93.2% (AS+AQ) Delta = -0.5 (95% CI -4.2 to 3.0%). By D2, both arms had rapid parasite (F & L, 97.8% aparasitaemic) and fever (97.2% [F], 96.0% [L] afebrile) clearances.

Both treatments

were well tolerated. Drug-induced vomiting numbered 8/375 (2.1%) and 6/375 (1.6%) in the fixed and loose arms, respectively (p = 0.59). One patient developed asymptomatic, CTC grade 4 hepatitis (AST 1052, ALT 936). Technical difficulties precluded the assessment and risk of neutropaenia for all patients.

Conclusion: Fixed dose

AS/AQ was efficacious and well tolerated. These data support the use of this new fixed dose combination for treating P. falciparum malaria with continued safety monitoring.”
“Background: Heterotopic ossification following lower-limb joint arthroplasty is a challenging clinical problem. No comprehensive study has been conducted on heterotopic ossification after total ankle arthroplasty, to our knowledge. The purpose of this study was to evaluate selleck chemicals the prevalence and location of heterotopic ossification after primary total ankle arthroplasty, predisposing factors, and effects on clinical outcomes, and to develop a method of classification.

Methods: Eighty ankles in eighty patients with a primary total ankle arthroplasty were followed for a mean (and standard deviation) of 31.9 +/- 11.3 months (range, twenty-four to sixty-five months). The prevalence and location of heterotopic ossification, predisposing factors, and outcomes were analyzed, and a method of classification was developed.

Results: Twenty (25%) of the eighty ankles demonstrated postoperative heterotopic ossification, with the majority of the cases in the posterior aspect of the ankle.

For the polar wz-(0001) and zb-(111) systems, the band gap values

For the polar wz-(0001) and zb-(111) systems, the band gap values are found to continuously decrease with increasing thickness of the superlattice period due to the built-in electric field. By mapping the core-level shift, we demonstrate the presence of spontaneous polarization in both wz-(0001) and zb-(111) superlattices. The built-in electric field is calculated to be about 5.1 +/- 0.3 and 1.4 +/- 0.4 MV/cm in the

“”free-standing”" (fully relaxed) wz-(0001) and zb-(111) superlattices, respectively. Strain-induced piezoelectric polarizations are estimated to contribute only about 5% for the wz-(0001) superlattice, and about 30% for the zb-(111) systems. The zb-(100) and (110) superlattices are characterized DMXAA by flat core-level bands in the well and barrier regions. The zb-(100) superlattices are predicted to have a stronger quantum confinement than the zb-(110) superlattices. In both systems, confinement effects lead to a marked band gap increase with decreasing thickness of the superlattice period. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3505752]“
“The goal was to identify correlates of patient satisfaction with drug and behavioral treatments for urge-predominant incontinence, which may help tailor treatments to improve satisfaction.

Planned Alisertib concentration secondary analysis

of a multi-center, clinical trial randomizing 307 women to 10 weeks of tolterodine alone or combined with behavioral training. Satisfaction was measured using the Patient Satisfaction Question (PSQ). Potential correlates included baseline demographics, incontinence characteristics and prior treatments, history and physical parameters, expectations of treatment EVP4593 purchase success, and outcome variables including the Global Perception of Improvement (GPI)

and Urogenital Distress Inventory (UDI).

After multivariable analysis, every 10-point increase in UDI change score increased odds of satisfaction by 11% (OR 1.11; 1.04-1.19). Odds of satisfaction increased among women reporting “”much better”" on the GPI (OR 13.8; 4.94-38.60).

Treatment satisfaction for women with urge-predominant incontinence was associated with patient-related outcomes reflecting impression of improvement and bother from incontinence-related symptoms.”
“Microarrays are massively parallel detection platforms that were first used extensively for gene expression studies, but have also been successfully applied to microbial detection in a number of diverse fields requiring broad-range microbial identification, This technology has enabled researchers to gain an insight into the microbial diversity of environmental samples, facilitated discovery of a number of new pathogens and enabled studies of multipathogen infections.

A multivariate Cox proportional hazard model was used to retrieve

A multivariate Cox proportional hazard model was used to retrieve the prognostic factors for survival. During the follow-up of 1,967 person-years, 33 patients died. Old age at onset (hazard ratio [HR] 7.4, 95% confidence interval [95% CI] 1.9-28.1), diffuse cutaneous subset (HR 2.5, 95% CI 1.1-5.9), presence of anti-Scl-70

antibody (HR 3.0, 95% CI 1.2-7.1), forced vital capacity less than 70% (HR 2.8, 95% CI 1.3-6.2), and heart involvement (HR 4.2, 95% CI 1.7-10.2) were found to be significant risk factors for mortality in multivariate HDAC inhibitor analysis. In Korean SSc patients, old age, diffuse cutaneous involvement, anti-Scl-70 antibody, and internal organ involvement are risk factors for mortality.”
“Swine hepatitis E virus (sHEV) has been discovered to be almost ubiquitous in pigs, and is antigenically and genetically related to human HEV. Proteomic analysis was used to identify altered

PF-00299804 cost protein expression in swine liver, using two-dimensional electrophoresis and peptide mass fingerprinting. A total of 10 protein spots exhibited significant alterations in the sHEV-infected organ. The upregulation of apolipoprotein E (Apo E) and downregulation of ferritin heavy chain were confirmed by Western analysis and by semi-quantitative reverse transcription-PCR. The elevated expression of Apo E may provide a novel insight into molecular responses to HEV infection in swine.”
“For the first time focused electron beam induced etching of silicon using molecular chlorine has been developed as reliable and reproducible BMS-777607 process. Around the etched pits

the etching process was found to be accompanied by carbonaceous deposition from hydrocarbon contamination of the residual gas typically present in a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This work will focus on the effect of residual gas deposition on this silicon etch process using chlorine. The process mechanisms for residual gas deposition (in the absence of chlorine) as well as the silicon etch process in the presence of chlorine are discussed in terms of precursor replenishment of the sample surface and precursor delivery to the processed area. The formation of carbonaceous deposits from undesired contaminants can block the surface from an etch process. Especially for low beam currents this problem was encountered. Results suggest that the presence of chlorine when processed with a high electron beam current dominates over residual gas deposition. On the other hand, the etch-inhibiting effect of an increased level of SEM chamber contamination (resulting in increased residual gas deposition rates) is shown. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3525587]“
“The aim of this study was to comparatively evaluate oxidative status of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) patients receiving anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Forty-seven patients with AS and 27 healthy controls were enrolled.

“Background: Up to 60% of chronic obstructive pulmonary di

“Background: Up to 60% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD) patients can present airway hyperresponsiveness. However, it is not known whether the peripheral lung tissue also shows an exaggerated response to agonists Sapanisertib in COPD. Objectives: To investigate the in vitro mechanical behavior and the structural and inflammatory changes of peripheral lung tissue in COPD patients and compare to nonsmoking controls. Methods: We measured resistance and elastance at baseline and after acetylcholine (ACh) challenge of lung strips obtained from 10 COPD patients and 10 control subjects.

We also assessed the alveolar tissue density of neutrophils, eosinophils, macrophages, mast cells and CD8+ and CD4+ cells, as well as the content of alpha-smooth muscle actin-positive cells and elastic and collagen fibers. We further investigated whether changes in in vitro parenchymal mechanics correlated to structural and inflammatory parameters and to in vivo pulmonary MK-2206 in vivo function. Results: Values of resistance after ACh treatment and the percent increase in tissue resistance (%R) were higher in the COPD group (p <=

0.03). There was a higher density of macrophages and CD8+ cells (p < 0.05) and a lower elastic content (p = 0.003) in the COPD group. We observed a positive correlation between %R and eosinophil and CD8+ cell density (r = 0.608, p = 0.002, and r = 0.581, p = 0.001, respectively) SBE-β-CD order and a negative correlation between %R and the ratio of forced expiratory volume in 1 s to forced vital capacity (r = -0.451, p < 0.05). Conclusions: The cholinergic responsiveness of parenchymal lung strips is increased in COPD patients and seems to be related to alveolar tissue eosinophilic and CD8 lymphocytic inflammation and to the degree of airway obstruction on the pulmonary function test. Copyright

(C) 2011 S. Karger AG, Basel”
“The minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) for thyroid benign nodules and central neck dissection (CND) for papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC) have been applied, presently, we attempted to perform video-assisted selective lateral neck dissection (VASLND) for papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC).

Twenty-six consecutive PTC patients with unilateral tumor (size < 4.0 cm) and suspected lymph node metastasis at level III, IV, or IIa were included from March 2009 to January 2012.

VASLND was successfully performed in all 26 PTC patients. The mean operative time was 46 min (range 26-75 min) on VASLND. No major complications occurred. Average postoperative hospital stay was 3.6 days (range 2-8 days). The mean number of removed nodes was 7.3 (range4-12) in central neck and 8.3 (range 3-21) in lateral compartment. Positive yield amounted to a mean value of 2.6 (range 0-5) and 3 (range 0-6), respectively. No persistent or recurrent disease was observed in any patient during a follow-up period. The cosmetic result was excellent.

Materials and Methods: In this study with institutional review bo

Materials and Methods: In this study with institutional review board approval and patient consent, diffusional measures of mean kurtosis (MK), fractional anisotropy (FA), and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) were compared prospectively. Data were normalized to the contralateral white matter. A Mann-Whitney test was used to compare each histologic glioma subtype regarding SNX-5422 solubility dmso the diffusion measurements. Receiver operating characteristic curves were used to test for the parameter with the best sensitivity and specificity for glioma grade


Results: In 34 patients with cerebral gliomas (five World Health Organization [ WHO] grade II astrocytomas, 13 WHO grade III astrocytomas, and 16 WHO grade IV glioblastomas multiforme), significantly different diffusion patterns were found among the three glioma groups. MK values increased with higher glioma malignancy, whereas

DZNeP supplier ADCs tended to decrease with higher malignancy; FA values did not differ significantly among tumor groups. Significant differences between astrocytoma grades WHO II and WHO III were demonstrated only by DK values. Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve was highest for normalized MK (0.972) during testing to discriminate between low- and high-grade gliomas.

Conclusion: This study demonstrates specific diffusion patterns for low- and high-grade gliomas, showing that DK imaging is able to depict microstructural changes within glioma tissue and is able to help differentiate among glioma grades. (C)RSNA, 2010″
“The effects on the thermoelectric properties of n-Ba8Ga16Ge30 when substituting small amounts of the Linsitinib supplier Ga or Ge with Sb or Zn have been investigated. A number of syntheses were prepared in quaternary systems of Ba8Ga16Ge30 substituted with either Sb or Zn but only three samples were found to yield single phase products

with nominal compositions of Ba8Ga15Sb1Ge30, Ba8Ga15Zn1Ge30 and Ba8Ga16Ge28Zn2, respectively. When Ge was substituted for Zn the resulting sample remained n-type and an increase in thermopower and a decrease in thermal conductivity were achieved. These positive effects were accompanied with an increased electrical resistivity and thus the ZT was only somewhat improved up to about 400 degrees C. When substituting Ga with either Sb or Zn samples remained n-type but showed decreased thermopower and increased electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity. It is thus concluded that substitution of Ga with Zn or Sb is detrimental for the thermoelectric properties of Ba8Ga16Ge30, whereas substitution of Ge with Zn appears a potent method for improving its performance. (c) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi: 10.1063/1.

These high kinetic incident energies lead to the implantation of

These high kinetic incident energies lead to the implantation of ions into the existing film and resputtering from its surface. The consequent film growth is in the subsurface or subplantation growth mode, in which the material does not grow on top of the already deposited film. It is proved that by considering the role of resputtering, which is neglected in other theoretical models of PLD, experimentally observed deviations from the stoichiometric growth of multicomponent materials and dips in thickness profiles of elemental materials at the film center can be explained. The calculated implantation depths are also

consistent with the reported measured ones. Taking into account the role of sputtering yield in calculating the deposition rate of the material, and evaluating the mean number of produced vacancies inside the growing film, two different approaches are proposed for Selleckchem BVD-523 the optimal growth of materials in PLD. To obtain high quality thin films, one should use a noble gas that ensures higher mass ratios (the ratio of the ablated ion to the gas

atomic masses) at higher pressures; however, to achieve the highest growth speeds, higher mass ratios at lower pressures are recommended. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3624768]“
“Porous polymer films were generated by biaxial stretching of polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filled with various amounts of calcium carbonate particles. The porosity of the films was measured by mercury porosimetry, and the obtained LGX818 solubility dmso results were related to the processing conditions and to the morphology development during the biaxial stretching. The results showed that increasing the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) concentration and the draw ratio resulted in porosity

increase for PP-based composite films and in a decreased porosity AZD0530 solubility dmso in HDPE-based composite films. Such peculiar behavior was connected to interfacial specific interactions between the matrix and the dispersed particles as well as to the crystallinity of the films. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 123: 3425-3436, 2012″

Congenital anomalies are easily diagnosed on radiology and rarely have an unusual presentation requiring an invasive diagnostic procedure. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), though a well-established diagnostic technique for abdominal and retroperitoneal lesions, is fraught with several challenges and pitfalls.


We report a case of a 39-year-old woman with all ectopic kidney presenting as all abdominal MISS. Oil FNAC the cellular aspirate was misinterpreted as a paraganglioma or metastatic carcinoma.


This case highlights the fact that oil FNAC, normal cellular components, especially from the kidney, provide a Significant pitfall for overdiagnosis, potentially resulting in unnecessary surgical explorations.

RESULTS: A total of 23 studies met our inclusion criteria. The ov

RESULTS: A total of 23 studies met our inclusion criteria. The overall success of the induction was high, ranging from 76.4% (95%CI 68.5-83.2) to 100% (95%CI 98.5-100), while adverse events associated with sputum induction were infrequent and mild. The sensitivity of microscopy compared to culture ranged from 0% to 100%; only eight studies reported on the species of mycobacterium isolated in culture. Yield was generally higher for sputum induction compared to nasopharyngeal aspiration and gastric lavage, and compared equally well to bronchoalveolar

lavage and physiotherapy.

DISCUSSION: Sputum induction increases TB case detection and is useful selleck kinase inhibitor for people who are negative on spontaneous smear microscopy or unable to expectorate spontaneously. It is well-tolerated by children and adults, irrespective of HIV status, and can be used where culture is not available. The use of induced sputum samples with molecular tests, such as Xpert (R) MTB/RIF, warrants further investigation.”
“BACKGROUND The human face contains numerous subcutaneous compartments of fatty tissue, but neither a chin compartment nor a submental compartment have been described. Definitions of the jowl compartment vary


OBJECTIVES To investigate the borders between the subcutaneous fat compartments of the chin, submental region, and jowls.

METHODS AND MATERIALS Colored gelatin was injected into the subcutaneous tissues directly under the skin of 30 human cadaver heads. Macroscopic dissection Selleck 5-Fluoracil find more was performed.

RESULTS Distinct chin and submental compartments were identified in all cases. The chin compartment is demarcated by the mentolabial groove superiorly, the submental ligaments inferiorly,

and the labiomandibular grooves laterally. The submental compartment is demarcated from the chin by the submental ligaments, laterally by the paramedian platysma-retaining ligaments, and inferiorly by the hyoid ligament. The upper border of the jowl compartment is formed by the mandibular ligaments and the platysma-mandibular ligaments, the anterior border by the paramedian platysma-retaining ligaments, and the dorsal boundary by the submandibular platysma retaining ligaments.

CONCLUSION The chin compartment is well demarcated from adjacent compartments. The limits of the submental compartment vary. The jowl compartment is clearly demarcated from adjacent compartments.”
“Neither pain, nor depression exist as Independent phenomena per se, they are highly subjective inner states, formed by our brain and built on the bases of our experiences, cognition and emotions. Chronic pain is associated with changes in brain physiology and anatomy.

Also, changing in layer orientation could be observed by SEM

Also, changing in layer orientation could be observed by SEM P5091 order images. In addition, irradiation caused altering peak intensity in FTIR spectrum. DMA results demonstrated that irradiation broaden the elastic zone. Totally, irradiation enhances

features especially in irradiated EVA18 in nitrogen. Since, according to stabilization of induced deformation and improvement of mechanical properties (that created by radiation), the irradiated samples can be used in different applications. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 119: 2085-2092, 2011″
“The effect of sintering process on the electrical properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) ceramic dielectrics were investigated in this paper. It was found that grain size

is affected by sintering and the nonlinear current-voltage (I-V) property will decrease with the increased sintering time. Also, the frequency and temperature dependences of dielectric permittivity and loss in the ranges of 10(-1)-10(7) Hz and 130-270 K were studied. Two relaxation ASA-404 processes with activation energy of 0.51 eV and 0.10 eV, respectively, were found in the frequency dependence of tan delta and Cole-Cole planes, which can be interpreted in terms of insulating grain boundaries and semiconducting grains. It was suggested that grain boundary Maxwell-Wagner relaxation and ionization of oxygen vacancy V-O(++), proposed as extrinsic and intrinsic relaxations, are responsible for the dielectric behaviors of CCTO ceramics. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3511444]“
“A series of segmented poly(urethane-urea) polymers have been synthesized varying the hard segments content, based on the combination MK-2206 in vivo of polycaprolactone diol and aliphatic diisocyanate (Bis(4-isocyanatocyclohexyl) methane), using diamine (1,4-Butylenediamine) as the chain extender. The microstructure and properties of the material highly depend on the hard segments content (from 14

to 40%). These PUUs with hard segment content above 23% have elastomeric behaviors that allow high recoverable deformation. The chemical structure and hydrogen bonding interactions were studied using FTIR and atomic force microscopy, which revealed phase separation that was also confirmed by DSC, dynamic-mechanical, and dielectric spectroscopy. (C) 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 119:2093-2104, 2011″
“We investigate the effect of the arsenic source (As-2 and As-4) on the optical properties of InGaAs quantum rods (QRs) grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Owing to differences in the In and Ga diffusion lengths under As-2 and As-4 fluxes, photoluminescence (PL) peak energies of the QR samples depend strongly on the As source when similar growth conditions are used. A marked improvement in the PL intensities from QR samples grown using As-4 is achieved.

RF did not provoke the reactivation of E. coli cells inactivated

RF did not provoke the reactivation of E. coli cells inactivated by UV-light.”
“This is the first report of objective tinnitus presenting as audible spontaneous otoacoustic emission in a patient with tuberous sclerosis. The tinnitus was loud, continuous, and high pitched: 7757.8 and 6257.8 Hz. The auditory system may be dysfunctional in patients with tuberous sclerosis. Possible causes of tinnitus in these patients are abnormal myelination and dysfunctional axons and neurons associated with tuberous sclerosis. A disturbance

of the outer hair cells or the MOC efferent fibers innervating the outer hair cells is considered to be the source of the loud spontaneous otoacoustic VX-689 ic50 emission. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“The study was conducted to determine the biological value of proteins synthesized by hydrogen-oxidizing microorganisms-the hydrogen bacteria Alcaligenes eutrophus Z1 and Ralstonia eutropha B5786 and the CO-resistant strain of carboxydobacterium Seliberia carboxydohydrogena Z1062. Based on a number of significant parameters characterizing the biological value of a product,

the LY2835219 solubility dmso proteins of hydrogen-oxidizing microorganisms have been found to occupy an intermediate position between traditional animal and plant proteins. The high total protein in biomass of these microorganisms, their complete amino acid content, and availability to proteolytic enzymes allow for us to consider these microorganisms as potential protein producers.”
“Sickle cell disease is a common hematologic disorder with some uncommon clinical manifestations. While there are an abundance of described disease manifestations of the head and neck, extramedullary hematopoesis within the paranasal sinuses is exceedingly rare. Here, we present a case of a young boy with known sickle cell disease who presented to hospital with headaches of AL3818 Protein Tyrosine Kinase inhibitor new onset. Imaging demonstrated an expansile mass lesion occupying the sphenoid sinus and on biopsy was found to be active hematopoetic bone

marrow. A description of the case and review of subtle but characteristic radiographic findings follow. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Influence of nitrogen source on proteinases synthesis in aerobic alkalotolerant and halotolerant bacteria from soda-salt lakes of Transbaikalia was studied. Maximal accumulation of proteinases was revealed on medium with peptones. Introduction of various sources of nitrogen in the medium did not result in increase of enzyme activity in cultural liquid. It was indicated that secreting proteinases of the studied bacteria strains possess narrow substrate specificity, hydrolyze proteins and n-nitroanilide substrates have maximal activity during GlpAALpNA hydrolysis. Data of inhibitory analysis and substrate specificity of studied extracellular enzymes indicate that they belong to a class of serine proteinases of subtilisin-like type.